zaterdag 8 december 2012

Line-Up Asser Bluesdagen en tKeerpunt Blues

Tijdens de Asser Bluesdagen begeleidt de Greyhound Blues Band
op zaterdag 26 januari 2013 in Café De Dependance (aanvang 21:30 uur):
Boney Fields (trompet en zang) en Arthur Ebeling (gitaar en zang).
Op zondag 27 januari verzorgen zij een concert in 't Keerpunt in Spijkerboor (aanvang 16:00 uur)
Boney Fields

Boney was born in the Northern district of Chicago in 1958.
He got his first major break in the blues circuit when Jimmy Johnson hired him for his US tour.
In 1983 Boney Fields left Chicago for LA in 1983 where he played with Smokey Wilson and Albert Collins. He returned to Chicago to join Little Milton’s band. After that came The James Cotton Blues Band, the Kenny Neal Blues Band and Lucky Peterson.
He toured in Europe, Africa, North America and Japan.
Boney played in small Parisian blues clubs like the Baryton (now the Fifty’s) or The Front Page. Those gigs enabled him to perfect his repertoire, mostly covers rearranged à la sauce Boney Fields. Bit by bit, he added his own songs on top. He also started to sing more and more on stage, just like he used to when going to church with his family or playing in other bands.
Boney played in ’96 and ’97 in Luther Allison’s European tours. This collaboration was another major shift in Boney’s career. Just as he did with James Cotton, Boney Fields watched and learned from Allison’s stage performances: he too achieved the highest level of energy and completely dedicated himself to his audience.
His only motto: the audience must have a good time!!! This is party music, very much away from all clichés about Blues being an old man whining over his guitar.
Through his many encounters with master musicians from all over the world and different musical horizons, Boney has created his own vision of the blues. His music is a musical spectrum so wide it goes from blues to funk, from world music to rock and from rhythm and blues to jazz without even hearing the difference or thinking about it.
A form of blues that is not interested in belonging to which or which musical chapel, a music whose only concern is for the public to have a roar of a time...
Arthur Ebeling
Arthur Ebeling is gitarist, zanger en componist en een van de meest opvallende muzikanten in Nederland. Geboren en getogen in Amsterdam reist hij met zijn oranje Gretsch 6120 Nashville de wereld rond. Regelmatig op tour in Engeland en de VS, bezocht Rusland en Brazilie. Maar netzolief is hij thuis in hometown Amsterdam waar dan ook geen kroeg meer te vinden is waar Ebeling niet gespeeld heeft. Zijn muziekstijl laat zich omschrijven als 'rauwe en onbevlogen Rhythm & Blues' en vertoont invloeden van Ray Charles, Tom Waits en Chet Atkins. Maar bovenal is Ebeling zichzelf: een meedogenloze zes-snarenbezweerder met zijn muzikale hart op de juiste plaats. (

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